Google, Amazon and Microsoft revealing ignore Roskomnadzor

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Representatives of Google, Amazon and Microsoft did not attend the meeting with Roskomnadzor for blocking Telegram.

“Google and Microsoft said that in Moscow there are no people who make decisions. And Amazon could not leave,” — said the head of the rotsit Sergey Grebennikov.

Blocking of Internet services are the operators and providers for the list of IP addresses that it provides Roskomnadzor. When the Department failed to lock Telegram, by making a blacklist of his address, came under attack by Google, Amazon, Microsoft and other companies that provide hosting services.

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In the decision, according to which Roskomnadzor allowed to block Telegram in Russia, does not indicate that foreign companies are obliged to cease to provide services to this messenger. The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov included in the sanctions list of the USA, so American companies are not allowed to interact with it and with the Department headed by him.

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